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What the Neighborhood Sees

fairystandards.jpg (74163 bytes)
I changed my mind and put in two standards of The Fairy.  2/6/99
fairystandards1.jpg (127522 bytes)
View from the street, well almost.  <G>  2/6/99

Pots, Pots and More Pots

frontporch.jpg (64566 bytes)
Front Porch, 1/31/99

minibedinprog.jpg (51450 bytes)
Mini bed in progress, 1/31/99

peartreeproj.jpg (93536 bytes)
Pear Tree Project, 1/31/99

peartreeproj1.jpg (96019 bytes)
another view 1/31/99

peartreeproject.jpg (75371 bytes)
Pear Tree Project, Summer 1998

peartreeproject2.jpg (61580 bytes)
Pear Tree Project, Summer 1998

potsbyfence.jpg (81513 bytes)
Pots by fence, 1/31/99

yellowbedinprog.jpg (74260 bytes)
Yellow bed in progress, 1/31/99

miniworkshop.jpg (142004 bytes)
Mini's being repotted, 8/1/98

Underconstruction.jpg (129125 bytes)
Front Porch last year

mrlincoln.jpg (66877 bytes)
Mr. Lincoln, 1st day in the ground,2/7/99

gardenangel2.jpg (96899 bytes)
Angel in my Memory Garden
A gift from my dear friend Kay

minisinwaiting.jpg (85023 bytes)
New minis, potted up and growing, 3/20/99

guarddog1.jpg (70104 bytes)
Louis guarding the new minis, 3/20/99

The Anonymous Note (telling me to plant my pots)

Note:  Rose Pictures are on the pages for each cultivar that is linked from the Rose Table

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