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Oh, to be a dog. 

Oscar and Louis are like my children.  They both turned three in July.  Oscar, the bigger red Dachshund was born on the Fourth of July.  Louis, the smaller black and tan, was born on Bastille Day.  The had the same sire and their mothers were litter mates.  It makes for a convoluted family tree, but these two have never been separated, except for the first ten days of Oscar's life.   They are spoiled rotten and loved without shame. 

Louis has this thing about stepping stones, exposed roots or whatever he can find to walk on to keep off of the ground.  It is part of how he got his bizarre AKC name.  Chilouis Louis Rootwalker Texas Ranger.

louis1.jpg (31745 bytes)   

 louis2.jpg (47201 bytes)

Meet Fleet Admiral Oscar Mayer:

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You gonna' tuck me in or what?

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